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SkyConnect provides Internet Access using the unlicensed band.

Today, most Internet users have heard all about the benefits of broadband access as long as it's a DSL or Cable Modem connection. But how many Internet users have ever heard about Fixed-Wireless access as an alternative?

Wireless Internet isn't just faster. It is a whole different online experience that allows you to use the Internet in exciting new ways that you haven't even thought of. Surprisingly, wireless broadband service is even cheaper for many users than a dialup connection.

So it is easy to see how SkyConnect, LLC can save you money by eliminating that extra phone line and per minute charges completely. More questions? Try our Frequently Asked Questions answers to many of the questions we have already received. For more technical information on SkyConnect and why it is the best wireless access Service available today, click here. Give us a call at 979-245-9502 and signup today!

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